Vision & Mission


To be a valued business partner, a fair & equal employment opportunity provider and a social as well as environmentally mindful organization.


Through opportunities, teamwork, our values and leadership, we shall strive for :

A. Customer delight by :

  • Attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce
  • Optimizing our business processes
  • Product and process innovation
  • Achieving excellence in global manufacturing and supply chain
  • Diversifying and broadening our customer base

B. A prosperous society and safe environment for our future generations

Our Values :

  1. Integrity

    All our decisions and actions shall be based on the highest levels of integrity and ethics.

  2. Focus

    We believe in building strong and sustainable relationships with our customers and external partners. We shall use innovative methods thoughtfully and effectively to deliver quality services to our customers while maintaining social responsibility.

  3. Ownership and Accountability

    We shall take the full responsibility of our decisions and actions and we shall be accountable for all the outcomes.

  4. Strong Culture

    We shall encourage our employees and partners to express their beliefs respectfully, particularly when it involves challenging the status quo. We shall firmly adhere to our belief of conducting open and intellectual discussions in finding optimum solutions to business as well as personnel challenges.

  5. Honesty

    We shall instil confidence in our employees, customers, and partners by keeping our promises and having a clear communication amongst all stakeholders. We believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships because it leads to trust and faith.

  6. Managerial Courage

    We shall encourage our employees and partners to question respectfully and in a most constructive way possible – by challenging ‘accepted’ wisdom. For us, having managerial courage means being able to face business challenges head-on, knowing whom to surround ourselves with, making difficult decisions and taking responsibility for them.

Culture :

We strongly believe in fostering an environment where our resources can contribute to the success of our company by:

  1. Following safety standards
  2. Being a socially and environmentally conscious organization
  3. Conducting business with impeccable ethics, honesty and integrity
  4. Ensuring a strong team involvement with commitment and accountability alongwith responsibility
  5. Creating an open workspace for employees to harness positive attitude and learning opportunities which in turn drive quality and continuous improvement thereby achieving employee satisfaction.