Our Capabilities

The company is equipped with latest engineering software and first-rate manufacturing methodologies like Semi Automatic Assembly Line, Molding Process, Electronics SMT Processes – making the assembly lines responsive to both Engineering and Quantity change requests from customers. To pursue our goal of driving innovation in the automotive and industrial industry in a sustainable manner, we invest around 2.5% of annual sales in newer technologies. Further, in addition to Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, the company employs competent and self- driven individuals.

The company has captive Testing & Evaluation equipment which is regularly upgraded as per Global standards. Considering customer needs and expectations, Fourfront consistently works on quality, diligence, alacrity, cost efficiency and innovation in its products.

Every year, we invest more than five percent of our turnover in research and development – not to mention the use of modern development tools, simultaneous engineering and an efficient testing system. For us Quality is supreme and comes with no compromise. It will always be the controlling factor and consistently met within the design of our systems, manufacturing processes and products, as well as in our customer relations.